Audio Interconnects

From entry-level to state of the art, you will be able to find a cable that will bring out the best in your system. Regardless of cost, the same attention to detail has gone into the design, construction and testing of all Chord cables. Any one of these audio interconnects is capable of bringing a better balance and increased musical enjoyment when fitted to your system.

One of the most commonly asked questions is, "what percentage of the cost of my system should I spend on cables?". The standard reply has always been "Around 10% of the total cost". Over the past few years, the improvements made to audio and home cinema components have made this figure less and less relevant. The answer: EXPERIMENT! This is where your local Chord retailer will be able to help. Having experimented, the best advice we can give you is to spend as much as you feel is worthwhile.

Chord analogue audio interconnects have been carefully designed to have an even balance of abilities, so as you progress through the range, the improvements you hear will be extremely consistent. You may well find yourself surprised by just how capable your equipment really is.

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